Employer Healthcare Benefits in a Post-Roe v. Wade World 

The overturning of Roe v. Wade has created uncertainty for employers seeking to ensure their benefits plans can fully meet the healthcare needs of all their employees — no matter where they live.  

Mineral has been fielding questions from clients seeking advice on how to offer healthcare benefits to support reproductive healthcare services and how to handle discussions in the workplace. 

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Join Mineral's Kara Govro, Chief HR Legal Expert, and Bethany Lopusnak, SHRM-SCP and Manager of Benefit Advisory Services, to learn best practices for maintaining a competitive health benefit offering and a respectful workplace.

They will identify challenges to offering reproductive health benefits and potential solutions, including:

Different options & implications for insured versus self-funded plans

Tax and compliance implications of different options

Thursday, November 17, 2022
11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

Options and strategies beyond group health plans, including travel reimbursement policies

Discuss best practice options for navigating workplace discussions and employee relations issues

We recognize the divisiveness of this topic. No matter the question or situation, Mineral is committed to simplifying complex HR and compliance issues for every client. We do not seek to influence the views of our clients through our subject matter guidanceWe are presenting this fact-based corporate guidance in support of the national business community we serve. 

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Can’t make it to the webinar?  Register and we’ll send you a recording.

Event Speakers

Kara Govro • Chief HR Legal Expert

Can’t make it to the webinar?  Register and we’ll send you a recording.

Kara Govro is a Chief HR Legal Expert at Mineral, and spends her time at work scouring employment laws at the federal, state, and local level to find the key takeaways for employers and turn them into actionable advice. She is a subject matter expert on a range of employment law topics and enjoys packaging knowledge in ways that are accessible to non-lawyers, including guides, Q&A, and frequent webinars.

Bethany is an experienced business professional with over 20 years of practical experience in benefits and human resources for companies of all sizes ranging from small manufacturing and technology companies to global multinational companies. In her current role managing Benefit Advisory Services at Mineral, she focuses on partnering with customers to create healthy work environments that empower employees and drive business results.

Bethany Lopusnak • SHRM-SCP and Manager of Benefit Advisory Services